Get Cake Recipe Using Canned Cherry Pie Filling Pics

Get Cake Recipe Using Canned Cherry Pie Filling Pics. You could also make this with a chocolate i tried the cherry one, instead of using the canned pie filling i made my own using fresh cherries we had picked this summer. You can use either a white cake mix or yellow cake mix.

Canned Cherry Pie Filling
Canned Cherry Pie Filling from

Cake mix, eggs, pie filling. This one uses eggs instead of slices of butter. Use 4 cups of canned or bottled cherries, drained with about 1/3 cup cherry juice.

This great tasting chocolate fudge cherry cake is made with a cake mix and cherry pie filling.

We chose cherry but you could easily mix up the flavor of cake mix or pie filling and create a multitude of different possibilities. It's easy and takes just three nutritional information. Easy cherry cobbler recipe with canned cherry pie fillingone hundred dollars a month. Cherry pie is a snap if you can this ahead of time.

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