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Hip Hop Tribute Albums To Pink Floyd

Definitely, we are watching out and waiting for the release of the new album coming up in just a few months. Well, what you have to know is that it is worth the wait since there is going to be a release like no other with the arrival of three albums in the span of 12 months. So, hang on there and keep waiting. You can be assured that it will be worth the wait. As we wait, maybe we could talk about something else such as the album by the name “The Dark Side Of The Moon” by Pink Floyd. Every hip hop lover has heard of this one and has listened to it. For most of us, including me, it is one of the most favorite albums of all times.

As well all may know, Pink Floyd is one of the most influential and successful hip good musician there have been. There is a lot of love surrounding the musician as well as his music. We are waiting for albums such as “The Grey Expectations”. You expect this one to be even greater than what has been released before. As a matter of fact, whatever we are waiting for gas been greatly influenced by whatever we already have and especially “The Dark Side Of The Moon.” It has also been said that “The Grey Expectations” is a hip hop tribute to Pink Floyd. This is even more reason to be excited about the album.

Well, you have to understand that the concepts are vastly not similar. However, there are several similar themes including consumerism, depression and other issues such as civil rights. When we talk about the primary characters in the two albums, they have experienced similar events including demons from the past colliding with the mentality of being artists. With songs on “Grey Expectations” you will find different of them screaming Pink Floyd. This means that this musician has been acknowledged as one of the best and he is therefore one of the heroes in hip hop.

So speaking of “The Dark Side Of The Moon.”, there must be something about this one that makes it relevant and fit into different times. People loved it and they still do. We can all agree that the “The Dark Side Of The Moon”, has applied the concept of time sensitive content. The themes here have the ability to provoke emotions and are not restricted by time. This means that even today, it is able to evoke the same emotions it did years back. As well, it continues to remain relevant now and even in the future. This is what we can define to be successful music. One that doesn’t die in the hearts of music lovers and one that carries on relevancy into the unforeseen future. Simply out “The Dark Side Of The Moon”, continues as a journey through our human experiences.

“The Dark Side Of The Moon” places Pink Floyd as one of the greatest and best musician due to the solid concept of the album as well as the great content. It seems to have the best structure as well.

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